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Clicker Paint

Clicker Paint is the essential partner to Clicker 5
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Clicker Paint is the essential partner to Clicker 5. The two programs integrate fully, adding a further dimension to Clicker talking books and opening up an extensive range of additional language and literacy activities.


- The paint program for Clicker: Adds painting features to Clicker 5, offering a whole new range of learning opportunities.

- Boost independence for emerging writers: Early writers can paint a picture to show the main idea, helping them to think about what they want to write.

- Engage and motivate developing writers: Students create talking books with their own pictures, words and voice.

- Stimulate language development for early learners and English language learners: Early language learners develop speaking and listening skills using voice recording and spoken instructions.

- Promote active comprehension for all abilities: Students demonstrate comprehension and illustrate their writing.

- Extend learning opportunities across the curriculum: Hundreds of activities, covering a range of curriculum areas.

- Accessible for all: More access for switch users than any other paint application.

- Use on Windows or Mac computers

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